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About Leeden NOX

Established in 1964, Leeden National Oxygen Ltd (Leeden NOX) is one of Asia’s leading professionals in integrated solutions for gas, welding and safety, with a strong foothold throughout South-East Asia.


One of Asia’s leading professionals in integrated solutions for Gas, Welding and Safety

Established in 1964, Leeden National Oxygen Ltd (Leeden NOX) has grown to become the region’s leading manufacturer and distributor for integrated solutions in Gas, Welding and Safety. We diligently serve customers from various industries including Oil & Gas, Electronics & Semiconductor, Aviation & Marine, Defense, Metal Fabrication, Healthcare, Building & Construction and General Manufacturing. Leeden NOX is headquartered in Singapore, and our operating footprint extends to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

Regional Presence

Leeden Sdn Bhd
Sabah Oxygen Sdn Bhd
Leeden Gases Sdn Bhd
Leeden Hercules Sdn Bhd
Leeden Powerweld Sdn Bhd
Mega Mount Industrial Gases Sdn Bhd
PT National Industrial Gases Indonesia
PT Natgas Indonesia
Leeden Thailand Co. Ltd


To be accepted as the region’s foremost specialist in gas, welding and safety solutions.


To achieve market leadership in the provision of quality gas, welding and safety products and create value for our customers through solution driven approaches targeted to their needs.

Our Parent Company

In February 2012, Leeden NOX became a member of Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation (NSHD) . Established in 1910, NSHD is Japan's largest industrial gas producer and among the top five industrial gas suppliers in the world. It has business presence in Japan, the United States, Europe, and Asia/Oceania. On 13 May 2014, the company became an affiliate of Mitsubishi Chemical, which is a part of the core Mitsubishi group.

Corporate Symbol

Nippon Sanso Holdings Corporation’s corporate logo represents the seamless integration of state-of-the-art technology and nature, as well as the Company’s business domain, founded on its advanced technologies for controlling oxygen, nitrogen, argon and other gases. The logo also evokes the Company’s resolve to achieve growth through superior quality and transparency and to ensure a future that is clean, safe and healthy.

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