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Leeden NOX is the main distributor of several top industrial safety brands such as Red Wing, Honeywell, uvex, Nederman, Haws. We are able to offer the latest innovative products and readily available inventory. Leeden NOX also provides inspection, testing & equipment servicing support to the customers.

Our Safety Solutions

14 Retail Outlets
In addition to the distribution sales channel, many of our safety products are sold through Leeden Hercules–our retail modelled subsidiary with 14 large stores covering all major cities in Peninsula Malaysia.

Leeden NOX offers the widest range of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that are purposefully designed, and manufactured for specific task applications across various industries. Our product offerings emphasise fit and comfort, ease of wear, and most importantly, effective protection.

Our range of head-to-toe safety solutions includes:

  • Head Protection
  • Face Protection
  • Eye Protection
  • Hearing Protection
  • Hand Protection
  • Foot Protection
  • Protective Workwear
  • Respiratory Protection
  • Personal Protection for Welding

Personal Protection Brands

Red Wing

Founded in the 1900s in America, Red Wing has been producing workwear and footwear for over a century. Red Wing’s safety footwear and workwear are crafted with care and precision to protect their wearers from common workplace risks and hazards.

Designed for performance, Red Wing’s range of premium PPE solutions deliver absolute protection, comfort and durability on the job, that outsmart and outlast the toughest conditions out there.

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Worx is a division of the Red Wing Shoe Company providing comfortable footwear and safety protection that suit a myriad of job requirements. Worx Footwear meets international safety standards and is available in a variety of styles to meet specific work applications.

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uvex is established as a world leading supplier of personal protective equipment. uvex develops, manufactures and distributes industrial safety products that meet the highest standards in terms of quality, functionality and innovative technologies.

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Founded in 1905, Fibre-Metal is a pioneer in the development and manufacture of welding face shields and complete personal protection for the welding and metalworking industry. Fibre-Metal has since become a leading brand of top-quality and high performance protective caps, helmets, face shields and goggles.

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For Honeywell PPE, safety is in their DNA. Every single day, hundreds of millions of people work in hazardous environments, and rely on their safety equipment to get them home every night. For over a century, Honeywell has been protecting workers with head-to-toe safety offerings, rooted in industry experience and relentless drive to innovate. Their safety solutions protect the future of 500 million workers around the world. Built for safety, designed for comfort.

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Ringers Gloves is committed to providing the highest quality task-specific protective gloves. Each glove is purposefully designed to serve specific applications by listening to end-users, learning from their experiences, and researching industry requirements.

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Dunlop® Protective Footwear is the leading global manufacturer of protective footwear. In more than 50 countries worldwide, they provide comfortable and protective footwear suitable for workers spanning across numerous industries such as in Agriculture & Fishery, Food processing, Industry and the Oil, Gas & Mining industry. Their continuous innovation combined with a solid dose of handcraft, to give you the safety and comfort you deserve.

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ACES™ offers quality-oriented protective wear that is designed to comfortably fit the demographic and climate of Asian workers.

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We offer complete safety solutions for working at heights and anti-slip solutions. Beyond the usual Anchorages, Body support Harness, Connectors (such as lanyards and SRLs), Descent & Confined Space Entry & Rescue Systems, we provide total solutions for Engineered Systems (Flexiguard Solutions, HLL Systems).

We also provide technical services that cover on-site assessment, installation, commissioning and on-site equipment end-user training. For after sales service, there are system and equipment annual inspections, repairs, and re-certification by our accredited technicians.

Our comprehensive range covers:

  • Anchorages, Carabiners, Tie off adaptors, etc.
  • Body Support (Full Body Harness)
  • Connectors (Self Retracting Lifelines & Lanyards)
  • Descent & Rescue Systems, Confined Space Entry & Rescue systems
  • Engineered Systems & Technical Rescue Systems
  • Fall Protection for Tools
  • Horizontal & Vertical Lifeline Systems
  • Anti-slip Step Covers and Stair Nosing
  • Hoist and Suspended Work Access Platforms
  • Fall Arrest systems for work on Shipping Containers

Technical Services include:

  • Inspection/Repair & Re-certification of all 3M™ DBI-SALA® & Protecta®
  • Installation of Vertical & Horizontal Lifeline systems
  • Installation & commissioning of Emergency Escape Descent Devices
  • Installation of Personal Fall Arrest Netting systems
  • On-site Survey of Ladders for Vertical Fall Arrest systems

Fall Protection Brands


3M™ DBI-SALA® is the global leader in developing fall protection solutions, and uses the highest quality materials to manufacture fall protection devices and systems. Beyond personal body harnesses, we provide working at heights training, and technical services such as the conducting of on-site surveys, installations and commission, after sales equipment inspection, servicing, repairs, and re-certification.

Featured Products

3M DBI-SALA Fall Protection for Tools

3M™ DBI-SALA® Fall Protection for Tools has more than a decade of experience developing products to prevent dropped tools and equipment. Its innovative line of products makes work environments safer and more productive by protecting workers from hazards that can result in personal injury, equipment damage, and tool loss.

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3M Protecta

For many years, 3M Protecta products have promised workers at-height with both practical affordability and easy compliance. 3M Protecta meets or exceeds the world’s most stringent standards and codes—ANSI, OSHA, CSA and CE, as well as local and state codes.

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Safeguard Technology focuses on the design, development, and manufacture of superior safety products for the prevention of slips and falls in Offshore Oil Exploration and Drilling, Transportation, Food & Beverage processing, Power Generation, and Commercial and Residential applications.

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Winsafe addresses fall protection in working on top of and around shipping containers. It’s handheld anchorage connectors provide fall-rated anchorage points by locking into the steel corner casting of standard shipping containers.

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Established in Australia in 1998, SafetyLink’s roof anchors, horizontal lifelines and horizontal rail systems can be installed to a multitude of materials and roof profiles.

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We offer a wide range of products and solutions for extraction and filtration of various air contaminants, such as dust and particles, welding & cutting fumes, vehicle exhaust fumes, solvent gases and odours, explosive substances and oil mist.

Our systems and solutions include:

  • ATEX Approved filters, extraction arms and fan, portable vacuum system and hose reels
  • Extraction Arms to capture contaminants at its source
  • Filters – mobile, modular and centralised filter systems
  • Extraction Fans
  • High Vacuum Extraction systems
  • Vehicle Exhaust Extraction systems
  • Self-Retractable Hose & Cable Reels
  • Workplace Screening

Environmental Protection Brands


Nederman is the world leader in industrial air filtration. With over 60 years of experience in extraction and filtration of various air contaminants, they are able to offer the widest range of products and solutions in the market for extraction and filtration of dust and particles, welding & cutting fumes, vehicle exhaust fumes, solvents, gases and odours, explosive substances and oil mists.

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We want to equip our customers with the ability to respond quickly in emergency situations – to prevent fatal injuries, damage to equipment and machinery, as well as mitigate damage to the environment.

Our range of Emergency Response Equipment includes:

  • Personal Protective Equipment for Responding to Fires and Hazmat / Chemicals
  • Emergency Showers and Eyewash systems
  • Chemical / Oil Spill Response
  • Storage System for Chemical / Flammable substances
  • Rescue and Descent systems
  • Evacuation and Rescue Equipment
  • Fire Extinguishers, Hose & Hose Reels, and Gas Monitoring Devices
  • Smoke and Chemical Escape Hood, After-Disaster PAPR Apparatus

Emergency Response Brands

SC Johnson

The Deb Group under SC Johnson, aspires to be the world’s leading away from home skin care system company. For over 75 years, they have been establishing skin care regimes for all types of workplace and public environments, spanning industrial, commercial, healthcare and food sectors.

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Haws is committed to improving the health and safety of our global community by providing customer focused hydration, safety, and tempering solutions. During the 1950s, they introduced emergency drench showers and safety eyewashes into its manufacturing line. Their core purpose is to improve the health & safety of the global community.

Featured Products

Novotex Isomat

Over the decades, Novotex has become one of the leading manufacturers of protection clothing, offering fireman’s jackets and pants designed using the best materials available. Through the use of quality materials, impeccable processing and economical pricing, Novotex provides unmatched value for customers.

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3M Scott Safety

Scott Sigma is a household name in SCBA and features an industry leading light-weight cylinder harness that greatly reduces operational fatigue for it users. The EN approved product is used by fire fighters and ERTs around the world across the Marine, Oil and Gas and Chemical industries, etc.

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Leeden NOX is a manufacturer and marketer in the field of fire fighting equipment & fire protection systems. Our production facilities in Singapore, Malaysia and China enable us to offer consistent and quality products to meet customer needs.

Fire Safety Brands


Eversafe Extinguisher Pte Ltd is the integration specialist for land, marine and fire fighting applications, offering a comprehensive range of PSB approved extinguishers, MED approved extinguishers, hose reels, foam applicators and many more.

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Leeden NOX provides full range of services including:

  • Site surveys
  • Installation
  • Inspection
  • Servicing
  • Hearing tests
  • Fit-testing
  • Servicing of SCBA and fire extinguishers

Our ability to offer both safety products and services make us the partner-of-choice for oil and gas players and international manufacturers.

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